Fiddleback Farm Quality Bed and Breakfast in Cumbria

Fiddleback Farm Quality Bed and Breakfast in Cumbria
Quality Bed & Breakfast in Cumbria
Lorraine & Ian Maycock
West Woodside, Wigton, Cumbria, CA7 8BA
Tel/Fax: +44 (0) 016973 42197

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The History of Fiddleback farm

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105-140 BC  
Fiddleback Farm is situated approximately 100 yards to the West of the A595, which was a roman supply road built around 105-140 BC, it was used amongst other purposes for the supply of provisions and materials from “Old Carlisle” to Hadrian’s Wall.

Old Carlisle, was a Roman Fort, and the ruins are still visible along side the A595 three miles from Fiddleback. All along the road there were small defense posts, used by the roman troops for shelter when transporting provisions, these were called “Mile Stations”, it is thought that the site on which Fiddleback is built on, was the first Mile Station from Old Carlisle and the ruins of which may lay under or around Fiddleback.

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When originally built, if was fortified in order to repel invading Celtics, latterly it was to become a place of worship, as belief was that, as it was round, devils and evil spirits could not hide in the corners.

Fiddleback Farm as it stands today, is unique, as it is constructed in the shape of a fiddle, and was built along with two other buildings in the shape of musical instruments 300 hundred years ago by a wealthy, if somewhat, eccentric land owner.

When undertaking renovation works, we uncovered a skeleton of a cat above one of the old entrance door ways, this we have learnt was common in old buildings, and was placed there to keep witches out.

All three buildings were built, as the crow flies within, a ½ mile radius. Alas today there is only one other that has survived the passing of time, a Grade 2 Listed Building, constructed in the shape of a accordion, the other which was demolished for reasons not known in the 1920s, was in the shape of a banjo, which was about 600 yards from Fiddleback, and debris from the building are still visible today.

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